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About AE Texas

And Why We See You as a Partner

People care. They care about getting transparent rates from the energy source they choose. They care about smart technology and using it to make their homes safer, more secure, and more efficient. At AE Texas, we want to partner with you because the things you care about? We care about them, too.

Our Mission

To be your trusted energy advisor and partner

To help you reduce your energy use

To assist you in embracing energy efficiency

Who We Aren’t

We aren’t the faceless, bureaucratic utility you’ve had to deal with your whole life. We aren’t the big business who only cares about sustainability and the environment when it doesn’t affect our bottom line. And we aren’t the company who puts profits before people and doesn’t deliver on the promises of their advertising. We’re the energy provider who wants to help you save money, promote efficient energy usage, and provides you with tools like smart lights, smart plugs, and smart cameras to help make your home or business safer, more secure, and more efficient.

What We Do

AE Texas recognizes that affordable energy is essential to your everyday life. So we provide the tools and resources to use energy efficiently. We’ve made the needs of our customers our personal mission. We understand you might want renewable energy, you want a smarter home, and you want these services at a fair and affordable price. We work every day to deliver all of this to you and more.

Making A Difference

Our goal is to use renewable energy, zero waste principles, green practices, and smart home technology to not only create a more sustainable world for the future, but also to create a more affordable energy supply for you, no matter what source you choose. Along with this, we provide your energy supply and the most reliable and customer-focused service you’ve encountered from an energy supplier.

Tons of Devices One Smart Way to Control Them

The AE Connect app lets you set on/off schedules and create programs any time for your smart devices, from anywhere.

AE Texas wants to help you create a smarter home.

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